Academic Position in Education, Sociology, Pedagogy, Economics, Political Science, Social Sciences, Humanities

Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City


T H E  U N I V E R S I D A D  I B E R O A M E R I C A N A  C I U D A D  D E
M É X I C O ,  T H R O U G H  T H E  I N S T I T U T O  D E  I N V E S T I G A C I O N E S  P A R A  E L  D E S A R R O L L O  D E  L A  E D U C A C I Ó N ( I N I D E )

To those who wish to occupy a full-time academic position at the Instituto de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo de la Educación (INIDE) of the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City with the following qualifications:

Phd in education, sociology, pedagogy, economics, political science, social sciences,
humanities, and related areas.

Academic production on educational inequities, analysis of educational problems of
socially disadvantaged groups, among others.

Proficiency in social science research methodologies, especially in quantitative
and/or mixed methods.

Conceptual and theoretical formation of educational inequalities in Mexico and Latin
America and their relationship with educational public policies.

Well-evaluated university teaching experience (verifiable).

Experience on fundraising for conducting research.

Participation in national and international research networks.

Proficiency in a second language.

Strong interpersonal skills for collegial and interdisciplinary work.

Identification with Ibero's Philosophy and Mission.


Design, coordinate and execute research on educational inequities.

Disseminate the results of their research in the form of scientific articles, books, book chapters and papers at conferences and seminars, in addition to disseminating the results in different formats for different social audiences.

Teach undergraduate, master's and doctoral level students.

Train scholarship holders and assistants as researchers.

Advise master's and doctoral thesis students.

Contribute to the strengthening and consolidation of INIDE's strategic lines.

Collaborate in the management of Ibero and INIDE activities.

Participate in the coordination and realization of academic events.

Obtain resources to conduct research projects.

Maintain academic links within and outside the Ibero.


A preliminary selection will be made based on the documentation submitted. Applicants selected in the first phase will be invited to a competition that will consist of: 1) submiting the evidence and documents requested, 2) presenting a research proposal to the INIDE academic college according to the profile indicated in the position, and 3) holding the required interviews. The final selection will be based on the academic merits of the applicant and the congruence of his/her personal interests with the institutional interests. The evaluation of the candidates will be carried out by an Evaluation Committee formed for this purpose, whose result will be INAPPEALABLE.


Perceptions corresponding to the academic category assigned, according to their curricular evaluation, benefits superior to those of the law.


Interested persons should send the following documents by e-mail to Ivette Pérez with a copy to Casandra Guajardo, before the closing date of this call for applications:

Complete curriculum vitae.

Letter of interest (maximum 4 pages) including:

-Reasons for collaborating with INIDE and Ibero.

-Experience that he/she could bring to INIDE's school of academics and the type of research projects that he/she could coordinate.

-A brief analysis of the most important challenges faced by educational research to understand social inequalities.

Academic article published in an indexed journal.

Those selected for the second stage must submit supporting documents and a research proposal related to the topic in question.

Prolongación Paseo de Reforma 880, Lomas de Santa Fe, México, C.P. 01219, Ciudad de México. +52 (55) 5950-4000, 9177-4400. National toll free phone: 01 800 627-7615.

In your application, please refer to


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