Dean of Medicine

University of Puthisastra





Position Title                                                             :           Dean of Medicine

Department                                                               :           Medicine

Report to                                                                   :           President

Reportees                                                                  :           Deputy Head of Medicine, lecturers

Employer                                                                   :           University of Puthisastra

Location                                                                    :           Phnom Penh, Cambodia


I.         Position Summary:


  • Lead and together work with Head/Deputy Head to provide leadership in the Department of Medicine, in line with UP’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategic Plan, and in compliance with government regulations and internationally accepted best practices, in order to establish Cambodia’s top medical school
  • Build and develop staff capacity of Department of Medicine and its facilities, so that the school can offer students the highest standard of medical education
  • Establish partnerships with health service providers, NGOs, other universities, and other local and international organizations and individuals in order to enhance medical student education, assure jobs for graduating students, and build the reputation of UP
  • Perform and build the capacity of staff in the Department of Medicine to carry out and publish research
  • Work to establish excellent clinical training opportunities for UP medical students
  • Build a team of dedicated and competent staff in the Department of Medicine and increase faculty accountability
  • Promote the use of evidence-based learning and assessment methodologies within the department
  • Identify introduce new courses and curricula for medical students in order to address deficiencies
  • Benchmark curricula against international best-practice, identify gaps and implement improvement plans


II.   Duties and Responsibilities:


The overall job description below outlines the main areas of responsibilities of the Employee:


  • Oversee and ensure all activities, policies and guidelines in the Department of Medicine comply with the national curriculum, MOH requirements, and UP requirements
  • Build the capacity of the academic and non-academic staff within the Department of Medicine through promoting educational opportunities, accountability, leadership and support
  • Oversee and improve the provision of education of students in the Department of Medicine in accordance with:
           -    Government regulations and accreditation standards required by the relevant state institutions

           -    Vision, Mission, Core Values, and policies of the University of Puthisastra

           -    International trends and best practices

  • Work closely with all stakeholders and staff of Medicine department to produce standard course outlines for all courses and ensure the quality of those courses.
  • Work with the HR Department to recruit quality lecturers and tutors, evaluate their teaching performance, and arrange necessary training to build up their capacity
  • Work with other relevant departments to provide sufficient supporting educational resources, eg laboratory, library, clinical, etc, and help provide supporting programs such as clubs, community activities etc for the students
  • Build up academic relationships and cooperate with external institutions (local and international) to improve the university and facilitate student’s participation in workshops, conferences, exchanges, field trips etc, and link students to the potential labor market
  • Create a good working environment within the Department
  • Lead the Medicine department staff to prepare department strategy, action plan and budget plan
  • Oversee the organization of the timetables, and liaise with lecturers and tutors
  • Work with other research units to develop the research program for the Department of Medicine
  • Manage the development of new TP laboratories, including design, equipment, personnel, protocols, etc.
  • Build up relationships with hospitals and clinics, conduct site visits to assess the quality of clinical learning experiences, and develop strategies to ensure high quality clinical learning opportunities are provided for medical students
  • Support the development of OSCE training for UP students and ensure students are prepared for OSCE examinations
  • Communicate with student body and external institutions and partners regularly
  • Develop annual budget and ensure that operations of the department are within the budget


III.         Qualifications and Requirements:

 1.       Experience:

  • At least 5 years teaching experience
  • At least 3 years administration experience in a university
  • Good knowledge/experience of current approaches to medical education
  • Experience in a clinical environment in Cambodia or similar country would be highly regarded

2.       Education:

  • Doctor of Medicine and professional qualifications expected of an executive-level academic appointment that will command respect and credibility, as well as with the University’s stakeholder community, key government ministries and employers
  • Training in pedagogy and administration, post graduate qualifications in Learning and Teaching would be highly regarded
  • Overseas education is an advantage

3.       Skills/Competencies:

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work as a team
  • Excellent oral and written command of English
  • Excellent oral and written command of Khmer would be highly regarded
  • An understanding of contemporary higher education issues (tertiary pedagogy and distance delivery, including educational technologies) and the implications of these on portfolio responsibilities and more broadly for the management of universities. An awareness of the context of higher education in Cambodia is a significant advantage
  • Understanding of academic quality assurance processes and academic program development and experience in managing or contributing significantly to the institution’s portfolio of academic offerings
  • Understanding of, and high regard for, scholarship, learning and research
  • The capacity to develop and implement strategy and to initiate and implement change in a complex, multicultural environment
  • The ability to identify and assess appropriate opportunities and partnerships to strengthen the resource base and reputation of the University
  • Experience in effective management of financial and human resources, including staff planning, recruitment and performance management and a sound knowledge of business principles


The University welcomes Cambodian and international candidates.

Name: Kimchou Hak

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