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United Arab Emirates University

United Arab Emirates

Job Description

The Department of Veterinary Medicine at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, United Arab Emirates University, is seeking applications for the position of Assistant/Associate Professor in Veterinary Internal Medicine. This position offers a unique opportunity to join our dynamic team during an exciting phase of growth and development. The Department is in the process of establishing a veterinary clinical teaching center, and the successful candidate will have a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to its growth and development. In addition to teaching internal medicine and research, the successful candidate will play a pivotal role in establishing a state-of-the-art clinical teaching facility and clinical skills lab within our department. Responsibilities: 1. Teaching: Deliver high-quality lectures, practical sessions, and clinical training in a wide range of internal medicine subjects across different animal species. The candidate will engage students with innovative teaching methods, ensuring an inclusive and supportive learning environment. 2. Establishment of Clinical Teaching Facility: The candidate will be involved in and lead efforts in establishing a new veterinary clinical teaching center, working closely with departmental colleagues and senior university administration. This includes planning, designing, and implementing the clinical infrastructure at the Falaj Hazza facility and Al Foah University Farm, ensuring, in both cases, that the new facilities meet standards for veterinary education and clinical practice. 3. Development of Clinical Skills Lab: Collaborate in setting up a comprehensive clinical skills lab, aimed at enhancing students' hands-on experience in veterinary internal medicine. The lab should facilitate practical learning across various animal species, emphasizing the application of theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. 4. Curriculum Development: Actively contribute to the development and enhancement of the clinical veterinary curriculum that is not limited to veterinary internal medicine. Incorporate the latest advancements in the field, ensuring that students receive up-to-date and relevant clinical veterinary education. 5. Research: Engage in scholarly research activities, collaborating with colleagues within and outside the department. 6. Student Mentorship: Provide academic and professional mentorship to veterinary students, guiding them in their senior projects, internships, and career development. Encourage and support student involvement in extracurricular activities related to veterinary medicine. 7. Community Engagement: Actively participate in outreach programs, continuing education initiatives, and community service related to veterinary internal medicine. Forge partnerships with local veterinary clinics, animal welfare organizations, and relevant stakeholders. 8. Administrative Duties: Undertake administrative responsibilities as assigned by the department, including committee work, student advisement and other duties related to the academic and research mission of the department. 9. Clinical service: Once the clinical facilities are fully developed on campus, be actively involved in the provision of professional clinical veterinary services the department expects to offer to the farming community and local and regional veterinary clinicians. 10. Accreditation: Work with colleagues and university administration to ensure the timelines for national and international accreditation of the clinical veterinary program are fulfilled.

Minimum Qualification

1. Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Veterinary Internal Medicine or a related field. 2. Extensive academic experience with a focus on teaching internal medicine subjects across various animal species. 3. Proven track record in establishing clinical teaching facilities and developing innovative educational programs. 4. Active research background with a record of publications in reputable journals. 5. Excellent interpersonal skills and communication 6. Ability to work collaboratively in a start-up clinical facility setting. 7. Professional veterinary license (or eligibility for licensure) in the United Arab Emirates.

Preferred Qualification

Board certification from a veterinary medical body such as the American Colleges of veterinary specialization in veterinary surgery, Royal Colleges of Veterinary Surgeons of the UK, or similar professional bodies in North America, Europe, Australia or New Zealand. Considerable research profile evidenced by appropriate H index.

Excpected Skills

The ideal candidate should possess a minimum of 3 years working as a veterinary clinician (internal medicine specialization) in an academic setting where mentorship of senior veterinary students and participation in clinical services are key components of the primary responsibilities. Candidates are expected to have a strong commitment to teaching excellence and student advising at the undergraduate level, a demonstrable research capability that will enable the candidate to develop and sustain an internally and/or externally funded research program in his/her area of expertise, publish his/her research findings in refereed journals, and actively engage in promoting the growth of the UAE University. The language of instruction is English. While Arabic speaking is desirable, it is not mandatory for this position.

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