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Associate Senior Lecturer in Spanish


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Associate Senior Lecturer in Spanish with a focus on Spanish-language literature

The Department of Modern Languages conducts research, postgraduate education and undergraduate education in several languages and literatures. For more information about the Department’s activities, see

Work duties: The position comprises research (50%) and teaching (50%), which will also include administrative duties. The purpose of the position is for the teacher to be given an opportunity to develop independence as a researcher and qualify in both research and teaching, in order to fulfil the eligibility requirements of a Senior Lecturer position.

Research in Spanish literature will involve the appointee’s own research and development of the research environment. As an Associate Senior Lecturer, you will be expected to actively apply for external research funding; follow developments in your own subject area; and participate in the research-related work of the Faculty and Department.

The teaching of Spanish will comprise all levels and primarily concern literary and cultural aspects. Course responsibility, course administration and supervision are included in the teaching role. The appointee will be expected to carry out educational development and participate in the Department’s internal work and in Faculty-wide activities.

The position will require the appointee’s attendance at the workplace to take part in, and contribute to, the joint work of the Department and Faculty.

Qualification and eligibility requirements: To be eligible for employment as an Associate Senior Lecturer, the applicant must have a PhD in the subject area of Spanish-language literature or equivalent. The applicant must demonstrate teaching expertise, with a documented ability to teach in idiomatically correct Spanish, and possess the personal characteristics, such as a good ability to work with others both within and outside the Department, that are required to meet the demands of the position well.

The applicants primarily considered eligible will be those who completed their PhD or attained corresponding proficiency no more than five years before the end of the application period.

The appointee’s research expertise, personal proficiency and professional competence are required to be relevant to the subject content of the position and the duties it is to include.

To attain the required teaching expertise, the applicant should have completed at least five weeks’ academic teacher training relevant to the work, or be judged to possess the corresponding skills. If there are special reasons, the academic teacher training may be implemented during the appointee’s first two years of employment.

Assessment criteria: In the shortlisting of eligible applicants, particular weight will be given to research expertise. With reference to the nature of the position as one that qualifies the holder for promotion, the applicants’ research and teaching qualifications in Spanish-language literature and, secondarily, Spanish-language cultural studies will be assessed primarily in terms of quality. Thus, a quantitative advantage possessed by an applicant by virtue of having been professionally active for a long time will not be a decisive consideration. All qualifications must be documented so that their quality and scope alike can be assessed. Ability to use Swedish as a professional working language will be given weight.

Research expertise: In assessment of research expertise, the quality of scholarship in the subject of Spanish-language literature or the equivalent will be the primary consideration. The scope of applicants’ research, especially in terms of its breadth and depth, is also important. Experience of research initiation and project collaboration is a further qualification. A research plan, not exceeding three pages in length, describing the applicant’s planned research in the four-year period concerned must be attached to the application.

Teaching expertise: In the assessment of teaching expertise, teaching quality will be the primary consideration. The scope of the applicant’s experience, in terms of both breadth and depth, is also important. Moreover, emphasis is placed on the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop training and teaching, and the ability to link the teaching to research. A plan, not exceeding three pages in length, describing how the applicant intends to use the four-year period to improve and develop his or her teaching skills, must be attached to the application.

Other expertise: Weight will be assigned to administrative and management expertise. This kind of expertise is demonstrated in the ability to plan, organise and prioritise work efficiently and appropriately for the purpose, and the ability to set and adhere to time limits.

Experience of collaboration with the surrounding community is a qualification, as are testimonials of a good ability to work with others.

In addition, particular weight will be assigned to the applicant’s prospects of contributing to future development of both research and teaching at the Department of Modern Languages.

After three years, the applicant must be able to use Swedish as a professional working language.

Personal circumstances (such as parental leave) that can be credited to the applicant in the qualification assessment should be specified in the applicant’s summary of qualifications and experience.

Uppsala University strives to be an inclusive workplace that promotes equal opportunities and attracts qualified candidates who can contribute to the University’s excellence and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community and from people of all backgrounds.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer: A written application to be considered for promotion to Senior Lecturer must be received by the Board of the Faculty of Languages at least six months before the position as Associate Senior Lecturer comes to an end.

Promotion to Senior Lecturer is based on a balanced assessment of the applicant’s research, teaching and administrative expertise, and management skill. In the assessment of the promotion application, particular attention is paid to the work undertaken during the applicant’s period of employment as Associate Senior Lecturer. A statement concerning the applicant’s ability to fulfil the duties of a Senior Lecturer must be submitted by the Head of Department concerned.

Research expertise

The applicant’s research quality must be of a good international standard, and show evidence of an independent research profile. The applicant should have shown an ability to initiate and run research projects single-handedly. In the assessment of research expertise, considerations regarded as important include grants or corresponding contributions from research funders, publications in forms relevant to the subject, presentations or the equivalent at scholarly conferences or workshops, conferral of docent status and other qualifications relevant to the subject.

Teaching expertise

The applicant must have completed at least ten weeks’ academic teacher training relevant to the work or possess corresponding knowledge. In the assessment of the applicant’s teaching expertise, the ability to plan, develop, implement and evaluate courses at both basic (first-cycle) and advanced (second-cycle) level is a significant consideration.

Administrative expertise

The applicant should have shown administrative skill by taking part in overall planning of research and teaching work. In the assessment of the applicant’s administrative expertise, roles in research projects and administrative assignments at university, faculty or department level, and external assignments, are significant considerations.

After three years’ employment as Associate Senior Lecturer, the applicant must be able to use Swedish professionally as a working language. The University offers courses in Swedish for newly appointed teachers where necessary.

Application procedure: A full application must be written in Swedish or, preferably, English must be submitted through Uppsala University’s Varbi electronic recruitment system and include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal letter
  • List of attached appendices
  • Summary of research qualifications, including a research plan (approx. three pages)
  • Summary of teaching qualifications, with a reflective text (approx. three pages) on the applicant’s basic educational approach
  • Summary of administrative and management qualifications
  • Summary of collaboration qualifications
  • List of publications
  • Publications cited (max. 10).

Regarding appointment as a Senior Lecturer, it is important for the application to contain clear information about the scale, expressed in hours, of the applicant’s teaching experience.

The university provides language proficiency courses for newly hired teachers.

Note. The application and attached appendices must be submitted electronically in the Varbi recruitment system. Hard copies of any publications cited that are not available in electronic format and cannot be scanned must be sent, in triplicate, to the Faculty of Languages, Uppsala University, Box 256, SE–751 05 Uppsala. Write the following reference number on the envelope: UFV-PA 2019/4050.

For further information, see the University’s Appointment Regulations and the Faculty’s supplementary guidelines.

Salary: subject to individual negotiation.

Starting date: 17 August 2020 or by agreement.

Type of employment: The position of Associate Senior Lecturer may be held for a maximum of four years, with the possibility of promotion to Senior Lecturer. (Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section 12a). A probationary period may apply.

Scope of employment: 100%.

For further information about the position please contact: the Deputy Head of Department, Christina Kullberg, tel. +46 18 471 1440, email

Please submit your application by 17 February 2020, UFV-PA 2019/4050.



Please do not send offers of recruitment or advertising services. Applications must be submitted as described in this advertisement.

Placement: Department of Modern Languages

Type of employment: Full time , Temporary position longer than 6 months

Pay: Fast lön

Number of positions: 1

Working hours: 100%

Town: Uppsala

County: Uppsala län

Country: Sweden

Union representative: Seko Universitetsklubben

Number of reference: UFV-PA 2019/4050

Last application date: 2020-02-17

In your application, please refer to


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