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Job Profiling
Microbial temperature dependencies in the ground: feedback to climate warming

The project will improve our understanding of the soil coal's turnover and the feedback from soil microorganisms' adaptation to climate warming. Microorganisms play a critical role in the global carbon cycle. The balance between the microbial emission of C to the atmosphere by respiration and the percentage of C used for microbial growth - and subsequent storage in soil - will determine if terrestrial systems will become sinks or sources of atmospheric CO2. The primary physiological factor that determines this is the coal utilization efficiency of the microorganisms (KAE).

Climate warming will affect microbial activity and soil adaptation, but it is still unclear how these changes will affect the soil's carbon balance. This microbial C-feedback to the atmosphere is probably the most critical, and at least the least known, parts of climate-C modeling; Which underlines the urgency of the research. The central goal of this lab-intensive project is to determine the effect of the soil's heating on microbial KAE in different biomasses and how it varies over seasons. Thus, we need to determine the temperature dependence of microbial communities' growth and respiration in different biomes, and determine how these vary over seasons, in order to be able to determine what, and strongly, and how quickly the microbial adaptation to climate warming will manifest.


You will work primarily with your supervisor Johannes Rousk (, and the ecological insights will be translated into information for ecosystem models in collaboration with your assistant supervisor David Wårlind (https : // BECC is an interdisciplinary research environment at Lund and the University of Gothenburg, where researchers from several disciplines within the natural sciences, social sciences and economics work together on issues related to biological research. diversity ecosystem services and climate change.



We are looking for a person with an advanced university degree (master or equivalent competence / experience) in biology, biogeochemistry, environmental science or equivalent subject, preferably with a focus on microbiological ecology. Very good knowledge of English is required. Documented experience of research (eg degree project) and of laboratory methods of relevance to the research project are valuable merits.

The application must contain a letter with justification for your application to the doctoral student site, a description of previous education and research interests (max. 2 pages). The application must also include a CV, copies of diplomas or equivalent and contact information (telephone, email) to at least two reference persons. Relevant publications should also be attached, such as accepted academic articles and research work (eg degree projects).


Basic eligibility for postgraduate education has the person who has: completed a degree at advanced level, completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 higher education credits at an advanced level, or in some other way within or outside the country acquired the corresponding equivalent knowledge.

Assessment Basis

Regulations for employment as a doctoral student can be found in Regulation SFS 1998: 80. As the holder, only one who is admitted to postgraduate education may be appointed. In connection with appointment, the main focus should be on the degree of ability to assimilate the doctoral education. In addition to the obligation to pursue his / her own postgraduate education, the holder may be required to perform duties relating to education, research and administrative work in accordance with special provisions in the regulation 


Time-limited employment four years according to HF chapter 5 § 7.

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