External Verifier (Awarding Body)

Rabdan Academy

United Arab Emirates

1. Job Details

(This section captures key details and context around the role)

Job Title

External Verifier (Awarding Body)


Reports To















Homeland Security and Intelligence






2. Job Purpose

(This section captures the main objective of the role and why the role exist in the organisation)

The External Verifier is responsible for supporting registration and quality assurance activities. This includes conducting independent assessments of the Intelligence Education Training Providers and Registered Training Providers (RTPs), checking for compliance with and maintenance of the relevant standards on behalf of the Intelligence Awarding Body. This involves conducting audit analysis and producing formal reports and other information regarding the the Intelligence Education Training Providers and RTPs compliance with the National Qualification Authority (NQC) and the awarding body’s quality standards, requirements and applicable regulations. This also involves maintaining the records of visits in line with the Intelligence Awarding Body’s information security policies and procedures, providing feedback to audited RTPs on good practices, encouraging quality improvements, and identifying any areas that give rise to concern or need further development. The role involves reporting breaches of standards in a timely manner and coordinating with relevant stakeholders on potential measures.


3. Job Dimensions (Supervisory responsibilities)

(This section captures the number of staff supervised directly or indirectly)


Number of Staff Supervised

Direct Reports


Total Reports



4. Job Duties

(This section describes the main responsibilities required from the role)

Standard Duties (This describes the responsibilities required for a particular job in relation to his functional level)

Policies and Procedures:

  • Implement all relevant section policies, processes, procedures and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.

  • Adhere to the set policies and procedures including conflict of interest, risk, complaints, and data collection and management systems (including confidentiality) and report any breaches as necessary.

Continuous Improvement and Change Management:

  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement of systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international leading practice’ and changes in business environment. This includes supporting the related change management efforts.


  • Contribute to the preparation of timely and accurate reports to meet the section requirements, policies and standards.

Committees Membership Assignments:

  • Attend and conduct assignments as described in the assigned committee terms of reference.

Core Duties (This describes the responsibilities required for a particular job in relation to their assigned area/ specialty)

  • Plan and schedule external visits/audits to RTPs in coordination with project owners in order to ensure that quality assurance standards are being implemented consistently and that the provision of training is in compliance with NQC and the Vocational Education and Training Awards Council (VETAC) requirements.

  • Conduct external visits to RTPs in order to ensure that training design and delivery are in compliance with the Intelligence Awarding Body ‘s policies. This involves checking the reports relating to RTPs under audit, identifying any prior breaches or pending actions and arranging the visits including date, time, structure of the visit, as well as aspects to be verified.

  • Participate in Intelligence Educational Training Providers application verification and support the RTP registration function in the processing and evaluating of registration applications as necessary.

  • Conduct audits around RTPs’ qualification awarding processes and review the reliability and validity of assessment decisions. This also involves reviewing RTPs’ internal quality assurance systems and observing assessment methods (both formative and summative).

  • Provide feedback to audited RTPs on good practices, encourage the ongoing quality aspects of assessment, identify any areas giving rise to concern or needing further development and agree on high-level action plans to address them.

  • Provide appropriate support and development to RTPs as necessary. This involves acting as a source of expertise and giving accurate advice regarding best practice.

  • Produce external verification reports based on visits and audit reports sampling of audit reports, and support the Intelligence Awarding Body leadership on key decisions as necessary.

  • Report breaches or suspicion of malpractice in a timely and confidential manner to relevant stakeholders, such as the RTP Registration and Licensing function. This involves coordinating with relevant stakeholders in applying sanctions where it is deemed that RTPs are in breach of training standards and/or assessment decisions are not reliable and/or valid.

  • Ensure all administration within area of responsibility is accurate and complete, including maintaining the records of visits and feedback provided. This also involves adhering to the Intelligence Awarding Body’s information security policies and procedures.

  • Attend professional courses in order to ensure adherence to relevant regulatory requirements (e.g. NQC, VETAC), achieve constant capability improvement and stay abreast of global best practices. This includes delivering quality assurance related training to relevant stakeholders when required, in coordination with the Training & Upskilling Section.


5. Job Specifications

(This section captures the minimum qualifications, experience, skills and languages required for satisfactory performance of the job)


  • Bachelor’s degree in or equivalent

  • Hold an NQC-endorsed Assessor Qualification or a recognised equivalent/foreign award


  • At least 12 years of post-graduate and relevant experience in quality assurance related practices of a college, university or government department with an up-to-date subject knowledge on range of courses, levels, qualification types

Skills, Languages, and communication requirements

  • Strong understanding of components of Homeland Security and Intelligence education qualifications

  • Ability to assess the design and delivery of training across a range of levels, qualification types and target group(s)

  • Ability to make sound judgements about the quality of assessment and the assessment process

  • Advanced interpersonal skills and able to engage positively with all RTPs

  • Ability to provide accurate, professional and supportive feedback to RTPs

  • Strong understanding of QA policies and procedures

  • Understanding of the UAE VET sector

  • Strong communication skills


6. Compulsory Courses

(This section captures the required training courses that will enable a satisfactory performance of the job)

List of Compulsory Courses

  • TBD


7. Job Conditions

(This section captures the context within which a worker is expected to perform his job)

This job is expected to be performed through site visits to ETPs and RTPs as well as in an office setting.


8. Medical Fitness

(This section captures the state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform specific physical aspects of the role)

This job is expected to be performed in an office setting with expected external visits with the various involved stakeholders.


9. Monthly Salary

Min USD 9,500  to maximum USD 12,000 TAX FREE Per month

Relocation ticket: Covered by employer
Health Insurance: Covered by empoyer
Hotel on arrival: Only 1 month covered by employer


10. Preferred

Previous direct hire or project base experience with SQA, MQA,TVET, TAFE , VTCT, VA Training in the Military

Rabdan Academy, based in Abu Dhabi is a leading Higher Education Institution specializing in Policing, Homeland Security, Incident and Emergency Management and Business Continuity programs at undergraduate and graduate level. We offer Diplomas, Bachelors, Master degree’s - The suite of programs and courses offered by Rabdan Academy area available for you to explore at: www.ra.ac.ae

Our faculty comprises subject matter experts from across the world and local Emirate specialists creating a teaching, research and learning environment. Our students, male and female are in the main sponsored by Abu Dhabi Police, the Ministry of Interior and Government entities.

The Academy is rapidly extending in the region hiring the top qualified security experts from all over the globe, Abu Dhabi is regarded by many measures to be the safest place in the world, it is a vibrant, family friendly, modern city with much to experience.

To apply please send your updated resume with teaching, research experience cover letter to recruitment@ra.ac.ae

In your application, please refer to Professorpositions.com


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