Full Time Faculty

Cecil College

United States



JOB TITLE:                Full Time Faculty


DIVISION:                  Academic Programs        


REPORTING TO:       Dean          


DATE:                         9/3/2021     


Full-time faculty at Cecil College teach 30 credits per academic year and serve on at least two committees per academic year.  Please see duties of full-time faculty for additional information. Full-time faculty members serve as the advocate and resource for their discipline at Cecil College.


Due to the need of interaction with students, employees and the college community this position requires in person presence. This position is eligible for telework.




Full-time faculty members shall:


1. Teach a full-time load of 30-credit hours per academic year (fall/spring semester).

2. Conduct assigned classes in accordance with the approved master course syllabus and stipulations of the department, following the duties of full-time faculty process, including but not limited to administering a final exam or culminating activity, meeting all assigned class times and submitting attendance and grades as per college processes.

3. Utilize the current College course management system. (See Learning Management System Policy)

4. Establish, post and maintain at least six (6) reasonably distributed office hours per week in a minimum of one-half (1/2) hour increments each Fall and Spring semester.  (See Faculty Office Hours Procedure)

5. Assist students through informal academic advising appropriate to the department or division.

6. Adhere to copyright laws provided on the Library site for the college web portal.

7. Regularly and routinely check Cecil College email accounts and respond in a timely manner to emails, including those from the department chair, administrative staff and students. Cecil College email must be used for all email communication with students and any college business.

8. Participate in the first and second Academic Monitoring. Faculty are strongly encouraged to participate in the third phase. Access can be found through the Academic Program page of the college web portal.

9. Submit any Incomplete Grade Contracts to the Administrative Assistants in Academic


10. Submit materials for faculty performance evaluation, on time, to the appropriate CAO or designee. (See Faculty Performance Evaluation)

11. Participate with the Faculty Member’s department chair in conducting and completing adjunct evaluations and the annual department report. When requested, send materials to department chair or program coordinator to assist with the compilation of program or departmental reviews. For example, data for program learning outcomes, information regarding committee participation or course revisions.

12. Submit other materials and forms necessary for the College’s purpose or for the College’s compliance with outside regulations and/or regulatory bodies.

13. Support curriculum development in discipline and across college by preparing and revising necessary master course syllabi, utilizing appropriate textbooks or additional course materials or preparing new master course syllabi and new programs as necessary.

15. Attend all scheduled and special faculty meetings and meetings of other groups to which assigned (e.g. division, committees, affinity groups, etc.).

16. Support College-wide testing and actively encourage students to participate.

17. Participate in Commencements, other official College ceremonies, and meetings called by the Department Chair, Dean, Vice President for Academic Programs, or the President.

18. Serve on faculty and other College committees. Subsequent to first year of employment, serve on at least two College committee, task force and/or other groups as approved by the Chief Academic Officer or designee. Approved committees are currently defined in the faculty contract.

19. Participate in course assessment and program reports, as needed.

20. Complete college service requirement as outlined in faculty contract.

21. Represent Cecil College on state and regional affinity groups as needed.

22. Complete required professional development, including Safe Colleges.

23. Support the mission, vision, and values of the College and the policies of the Board of Trustees.

24. Act in accordance with the letter and spirit of applicable laws, College policies, rules, and expectations, and the terms of the contract for the current academic year.

25. Adhere to additional duties as set forth in a faculty member’s contract and/or required by virtue of the faculty member’s position at the College.

The most recent version of all above policies and procedures referenced above, except as otherwise noted, can be found on the college web portal.



  1. Master’s degree in related discipline, doctoral degree preferred.
  2. Prior college-level teaching experience in the related field. Only completed applications (resume, letter of application and unofficial transcripts) will receive consideration. Only applicants who are authorized to work in the United States will be eligible for hire. Cecil College, an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and educational institution, is committed to diversity.
  3. Prior teaching experience in college/university setting, preferred.
  4. Strong communication, organization, interpersonal, and problem-solving, skills.
  5. Current knowledge and skill in the use of information and computer technology (e.g., word processing, e-mail, database) or proven ability to learn these skills.
  6. Able to work with students with special needs based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

6.   Able to work independently and coordinate work with colleagues and peers.

Name: Diana Rodriguez

In your application, please refer to Professorpositions.com


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