Japanese Student Lecturer

Chung Yuan University



Do you have a special story experience or stunt skills to share with classmates on campus?

Whether it is entry experience, travel experience, entrepreneurial sharing or talent creation

As long as it is the story you want to say, as long as you want to exchange teaching skills, 

We provide the stage only waiting for you to pick up the microphone.

Who says students can't be lecturers?

Just on the 806th day of the teaching, the new school district will build its own stage!
Work content and Specifications
1. According to the application category, it is necessary to plan one to two hours of sharing content or four to eight courses and materials for two hours each.

2. The venue of the event is the 806-day new school district space of the teaching building. The light lecture time is Wednesday morning and the workshop time is Tuesday and Thursday evening.

3. This project provides lecturer fees.

4. If necessary, this project can provide some teaching materials or equipment costs.
(A) cultural categories: individual or team through a series of lectures to introduce a national curriculum or a cultural entry form downloaded (can be based on a template to fill in)
(2) Department introduction class: share your own professional learning and interesting application  registration form download (can be filled according to the template)
(3) Seminar on the topic : The team will lead the participants to discuss the set issueregistration form through the way of the world cafe  (can be filled in according to the template)
(4) Daily and new light speech: personal learning experience, travel story, life, etc. Share the  registration form download (can be filled in according to the template)
(5) New Workshops on the Day : Individuals can share and exchange their talentsregistration form through a series of practical curriculum design  (can be filled in according to the template)
Please complete and return to odkevin@cycu.edu.tw

In your application, please refer to Professorpositions.com


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