Lecturer of Human Genetics

University of Tartu Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine


Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine

Deadline: 01.10.2021

Duties and responsibilities
  • Academic duties of the lecturer in human genetics include both, teaching courses in human genetics at the Faculty of Medicine (at least 40% of the work-time) and research in human and medical genetics (at least 40% of the work-time).
  • Teaching-related tasks comprise preparing course materials, lecturing and giving seminars to medical and stomatology students, including English-based courses and if needed, also e-courses.
  • Human and medical genetics (mostly reproductive genetics) targeted research is conducted at the human genetics research group of the Institute of Biomedicine and Translational Medicine (in the volume of at least 2/3 volume of the doctoral theses across 5 y).
  • Additionally, the candidate will be involved in teaching-related organizational and methodological tasks, as well as in student supervision at the first and second level of higher education.
Required qualifications
PhD or an equivalent qualification.
Required experience
  • The applicant must show internationally recognised professional research in human genetics/genomic during the past 5 years, the volume of which is equivalent to that of at least one doctoral thesis.
  • Demonstrated professional competence to teach human and medical genetics at the first two levels of higher education, incl. to supervise students of the first and second level of higher education. Experience in teaching medical and stomatology students at the Medical Faculty for at least one academic year. Competence and experience in teaching human and medical genetics to international students at English-based courses. Experience in teaching in e-courses is a bonus. Knowledge in contemporary e-tools and online platforms supporting the quality of teaching is expected.
  • The applicant must demonstrate broad competence in human and medical genetics, adequate and qualitative experience in routine application of state-of-art experimental and data analytical methods in genetics, as well as in interpreting outputs from the statistical and bioinformatic analysis of human genetics data(sets) in the medical context. The applicant should be familiar with the current most widely used data analysis programs in human genetics (e.g. Plink, STATA, exome data and CNV data analysis). The applicant has to demonstrate overall long-term experience and expertise in the application of the palette of human genetics and genomics databases. Knowledge and experience in research in reproductive medicine and reproductive genetics is strongly recommended.
  • Previous experience in supervising undergraduate students and giving seminars in human genetics is a plus.
  • Experience in oral presentations at international professional events (courses, conferences) is a bonus.
Required language skills
Estonian – fluent in all levels; English – very good (speaking, reading, writing, presenting, lecturing, leading discussions). Professional English at the level of high quality teaching.

Starting at
Remuneration based on UT Salary Rules.
Additional info
Prof Maris Laan, maris.laan [ät] ut.ee, 737 5008.

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