PhD Position in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

University of Gothenburg Department of Historical Studies


PhD student in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

Ref PAR 2021/133


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At the Department of Historical Studies, which belongs to the Faculty of Humanities, education and research are conducted in the three academic disciplines:  Classical Archaeology & Ancient History, History, and Archeology. Education is offered at all levels, from the undergraduate to the Ph.D. student level. The research takes place both within the individual subjects and in major interdisciplinary projects, where national and international collaboration is an important element. The department, located in the centre of Gothenburg, currently has about 90 employees including lecturers, researchers, doctoral students and administrators.

In the discipline of Classical Archaeology & Ancient History, teaching and research addresses aspects of social and political changes, and  in ancient societies. The chronological and geographical range embraces the ancient Mediterranean from prehistory ot Late Antiquity but with a strong focus on Greek and Roman cultures. It is an interdisciplinary field of research based on visual, textual and archaeological evidence. Both teaching and research are carried out in collaboration with the other academic disciplines at the department.

More information about the department and the subject of Classical Archaeology & Ancient History can be found on our website

 The Department of Historical Studies is now searching for one qualified and motivated individual for doctoral studentship positions (PhD student) in Classical Archaeology & Ancient History.

Job assignments

A doctoral student conducts research that contributes to the development of knowledge within the field of Classical Archaeology & Ancient History. The doctoral student is expected to be an active member in the research environment of the department and to independently develop ideas and communicate research results in oral and written form.

The aim of the doctoral candidate position is for the doctoral candidate to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to conduct archaeological research independently and to contribute to the knowledge base of the discipline through the production of a PhD thesis. An additional aim is that the doctoral student develops an ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills in subsequent post-doctoral research or other qualified professional work.

The position is limited to four years in duration and is carried out on a full-time basis, unless there are acceptable reasons to the contrary (minimum 50%). The position may include departmental duties, including teaching, corresponding to up to 20% of a full-time post over the course of study. If such tasks are carried out, the duration of the appointment will be extended accordingly.


To be eligible for the position, the applicant must meet both general and specific entry requirements, according to the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 7.

The general entry requirements for third-cycle (PhD) studies are:

  1. a degree at the second-cycle level, or
  2. at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 must be at the second-cycle level, or
  3. largely equivalent knowledge acquired in other ways in Sweden or

The specific entry requirements for third-cycle studies in Classical Archaeology & Ancient Hsitory are at least 120 higher education credits in Classical Archaeology & Ancient Hsitory, of which at least 30 higher education credits (including an individual essay of at least 15 higher education credits) at the second-cycle level, or equivalent qualifications.

To be eligible for the position, the applicant must meet both general and specific entry requirements.

An applicant meets the general entry requirements for third-cycle (PhD) studies if he/she has obtained (Higher Education Ordinance Ch.7, Sec.39):

  1. a degree at the second-cycle level (MA level, or equivalent),
  2. at least 240 higher education (university) credits, of which at least 60 must be at the second-cycle level, or
  3. largely equivalent knowledge acquired in other ways in Sweden or

Specific entry requirements (Higher Education Ordinance Ch.7, Sec.40) for third-cycle programme (PhD) in Classical Archaeology & Ancient History requires at least 120 higher education credits in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, of which at least 30 higher education credits, including a degree project of at least 15 higher education credits, must have been completed in the second cycle, or equivalent knowledge. Applicants who have acquired largely equivalent knowledge in Sweden or abroad will also be considered to meet the specific entry requirements.

Finally, although not a formal requirement, we encourage successful applicants to acquire sufficient competency in the Swedish language to be able to actively participate in seminars and other activities at the Department, within a two-year period.


According to the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 7, applicants will be assessed based on their estimated ability to benefit from the study programmes and on the Department’s supervisory resources. We will base this assessment primarily on the following:

  1. Relevant work, which will be assessed in terms of ability to formulate, delimit and analyse research tasks and present research results.
  2. A draft of the intended research project stating the applicant’s research interest(s) and planned focus area of his/her doctoral thesis. In addition, the project draft must demonstrate familiarity with previous and current research, sources and methods of relevance for the study, as well as an ability to formulate scientific problems. Maximum 15000 characters incl. spaces.
  3. Academic transcripts
  4. Previous merits
  5. The selection process may include interviews
  6. Applicants may be asked to provide letters of recommendation

Admission to the doctoral program may also be granted within a framework where the University of Gothenburg does not serve as employer (external position, so-called samverkansdoktorand). The assessment process for these applicants is the same as for other applicants. A special agreement will be developed in these cases.

The applications are prepared by an advisory committee but decisions on admission are made by the head of department. Interviews with a selection of applicants can be conducted. Decisions on admission are announced in June and cannot be appealed.


Type of employment:4years  Extent: 100% (full-time)

Location: Department of Historical Studies, Gothenburg

First Day of Employment: 2021-09-01

Regulations for employment of doctoral students are given in SFS 1998:80. Only those who are admitted to third-cycle studies may be appointed to doctoral studentships. Those appointed to doctoral studentships shall primarily devote themselves to their studies. They may, however, work to a limited extent with educational tasks, research and administration according to the regulations.

The initial appointment may apply for no longer than one year. An appointment may be renewed for no more than two years at a time. The total employment period may not exceed the time corresponding to full-time third-cycle studies for four years.

Salaries for doctoral students are regulated in a local agreement at the University.

For further information regarding the position

For further information, please contact:

Lena Larsson Lovén, professor in Classical Archaeology & Ancient History, Tel. +4631-786 4659

Lise-Lotte Walter, head of administration

Tel. 031-786 65 73



Union representatives at the University of Gothenburg: representatives

How o apply

In order to apply for a position at the University of Gothenburg, you have to register an account in our online recruitment system. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application is complete in accordance with the instructions in the job advertisement, and that it is submitted before the deadline. The selection of candidates is made on the basis of the qualifications registered in the application.

Please register your application electronically under ‘Apply online’. In order for the application to be considered complete it must include:

  • An introductory letter of 1000 words maximum (approx. 2 pages). The letter should consist of four paragraphs in the following order:
  • a short presentation of yourself. b) a short presentation of your merits, c) a short presentation of the intended research project and d) a short account for why the Department of Historical Studies and/or the doctoral studies programme is of interest to
  • CV including a list of publications (if applicable).
  • One essay. Normally, this would be a master’s
  • A description of the intended research project indicating the applicant’s research interests and planned focus area of his/her thesis and research. The project description must demonstrate familiarity with previous and current research, sources and methods of relevance for the study, as well as an ability to formulate scientific Maximum 15000 incl. spaces, including abstract, excluding bibliography.
  • Verified copies of academic transcripts and evidence of other relevant qualifications, if Please note that you need to submit detailed academic transcripts that specify your finished courses, credits and degrees. If English is not the original language, you need to submit both the original and an English translation. For degree transcripts from universities within the EU, please provide a diploma supplement.

It is for the applicant to make sure that the application is complete. No changes/additions are allowed after the last date of application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All electronic documents must be submitted in PDF format.

Closing date: 2021-03-01

The University of Gothenburg promotes equal opportunities, equality and diversity.

Applications will be destroyed or returned (upon request) two years after the decision of employment has become final. Applications from the employed and from those who appeal the decision will not be returned.

In connection to this recruitment, we have already decided which recruitment channels we should use. We therefore decline further contact with vendors, recruitment and staffing companies.


In your application, please refer to


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