PhD Student within the Smartby Initiative (Children and a Smart and Sustainable City)

University of Stavanger



About the Position

The University of Stavanger has a vacancy as a PhD candidate in Educational Science at the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Humanities, Department of Kindergarten Teacher Education. The position is vacant from 15.09.2019.

The position will be part of the focus area "Education and Knowledge" within the Smartby initiative in Stavanger - a collaboration between the public, business and academia. The position will also be linked to the University's Center for Kindergarten Research, FILIORUM . It will also be anchored in the faculty's program area The Greenhouse - humanistic environmental research and in the department's research group "Sustainability, STEM and physical education" (SSP).

This is an educational position that will primarily give promising researchers the opportunity for professional development. The position has research training up to the doctoral degree as a goal.

The research fellow is employed for a period of three years with a pure research education or four years with a research education and 25% duty to work. This is clarified in the recruitment process.

The research area for the position is related to sustainable development in kindergarten, humanistic environmental research and science. The project will explore the children's development of participation, understanding and competencies related to "Smart City Stavanger", through the children's peripheral, yet active participation in various processes related to the creation and development of a smart and sustainable city, where children will participate in selected processes, activities , and event within "Smart City Stavanger", and meet some of the key players.

A more detailed discussion of the project can be found here.

Project Outline

As an applicant, you must prepare a preliminary project outline for a doctoral project within the subject area, which discusses the problem, relevance, theoretical and methodological approach. The project sketch must be based on the enclosed project review.  The theories, methods and literature in the enclosed project review are indicative and the applicant's own ideas and / or own further development of the project are welcome.

Your preliminary project sketch will be included in the competence assessment. During the first three months of the employment period, the project plan will be further developed in cooperation with the supervisors and designed for the final project description. Project sketch template can be found here.


Eligibility Requirements

We seek you who have a strong professional background with a five-year master's degree (3 + 2) in science, kindergarten science, sustainable development or other relevant subject area or equivalent education that provides the basis for conducting a research education, preferably of a recent date.

If your grade on the Master's thesis and weighted average grade on the Master's program both correspond to B or better, you are among those we are looking for. 

Applicants with an education from an institution with a different grade scale than AF are required to attach a confirmed conversion scale that shows how the grades can be compared with the Norwegian AF scale.

Furthermore, emphasis is placed on:

  • can work independently and in a community be innovative and creative
  • has good English proficiency, both written and oral.

In the assessment, emphasis will be placed on the applicant's potential for research within the field, as well as his or her personal prerequisites for completing the research education.

The position is regarded as an important recruitment position for scientific positions at universities and university colleges. 


We Offer

  • varied tasks in a large, exciting and socially important organization
  • an ambitious working partnership and an inclusive working environment
  • colleague-based counseling program the first year you teach at UiS, NyTi (by duties in the form of teaching)
  • wages according to the Government Wage Regulations lpl 17,515, code 1017, bkr 449,400 per year with wage development after seniority in the position. 
  • membership of the Government Pension Fund ensures good pension and insurance schemes.
  • more about employee benefits and benefits at

General Information

See regulations on terms of employment for employment in fellowship positions at the University of Stavanger.

The university has few men in scholarship positions within the subject area and therefore urges men to apply.



Further information about the position can be obtained from the Associate Professor Barbara Maria Sageidet, tel: +45 51 83 35 78, e-mail: barbara.sageidet@uis.noor to department head Jorunn Melberg, tel: +45 51 83 34 99, e-mail: jorunn.

Information about the hiring process can be obtained by contacting HR Adviser Grete Marnburg, tel: +45 51 83 35 45, e-mail:

The Application

Search the position electronically via the "Search position" on this page. Here application and CV are registered with relevant education and work experience. In the application letter you must show your research interests and motivation to apply for the position.

The following documents are uploaded as attachments to the application, in separate files:

  • project outline
  • diplomas and certificates
  • list of publications
  • any other documentation that you would like it to be taken into account

The documentation must be in a Scandinavian language or English. If the attachments exceed 30 MB in total, they must be compressed before uploading. Information and documentation to be taken into consideration when assessing must be registered within the deadline for applications. Contact information for three reference persons is stated in the application or on request.

We note that information about the applicant may be published even if the applicant has requested not to be listed on the public list of applicants, cf. 

UiS only considers applications and attachments registered in JobbNorge.

In your application, please refer to


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