Postdoctoral Fellows in Ultra-Fast Condensed Matter Experiments

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The Department of Physics and Astronomy is one of Uppsala University's largest with almost 400 employees, of which about 125 are doctoral students. The department conducts world-class research and education in both theoretical and experimental physics and has extensive collaboration with the outside world. The research is carried out at 10 research departments and touches on everything from the unbelievably small to the big in, for example, energy supply, climate development, new materials and the universe. This whole spectrum is also reflected in the department's courses and educational programs. Around 2,500 students attend courses at the basic and advanced levels each year at the department. Read more at

Duties / Project Description: We are looking for a motivated and ambitious postdoctoral researcher with great interest in experimental physics in dynamic and non-equilibrium properties of magnetic materials and correlated electron systems. The goal of the project is to explore speed limits for switching functional materials relevant to information technology. Coherent X-ray pulses from free electron lasers or synchrotron light systems will be used to explore ultra-fast (femtosecond to picosecond) electron, spin, and lattice dynamics on the nanometer scale. There is close collaboration with leading groupings within theoretical models for the measured processes as well as with material synthesis.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy conducts world-leading interdisciplinary material research with a strong collaboration between experiment and theory. The project will be implemented in the group headed by prof. Hermann Dürr who recently moved from Stanford to Uppsala University. The project utilizes international facilities for coherent X-ray radiation at the MAX IV synchrotron radiation plant in Lund, Sweden, and at the European Free Electron Laser System XFEL in Hamburg, Germany.

Qualification Requirements: For employment as a postdoctoral student, you must have a doctoral degree, or a foreign degree that is deemed to correspond to a doctorate, in physics or the equivalent. The degree must have been completed no more than three years before the end of the application period. If there are special reasons, the degree may be older than three years. Special reasons refer to leave due to illness, parental leave, trust assignments within trade unions, etc. The postdoctoral researcher is expected to have good knowledge in experimental studies of solid state physics using a five-second laser or X-ray.

Very good English skills, in both speech and writing, are an absolute requirement.

Desirable / Meritorious in General: Experience of magnetism or highly-correlated systems is especially meritorious.

Your Application should contain a letter describing your qualifications and research interests. The application must also include a resume, copies of relevant grades, contact details for at least two reference persons and a complete list of publications. Personal circumstances such as parental leave that could be relevant to the assessment should be mentioned in the CV.

Uppsala University values the qualities that equal gender distribution and diversity add to the business. We therefore like to see applicants of all genders and with different birth backgrounds, functionality and life experience.

Salary: Individual salary setting.

Admission: 2019-12-01 or by arrangement.

Type of Employment: Temporary employment for two years according to a central collective agreement.

Scope of Employment:  100%

Information about employment is provided by: Hermann Dürr,

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