Postdoctoral Position im Neutrino Astronomy

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


In order to improve the detection efficiency of high-energy celestial neutrinos, many research institutions in Europe and the United States are committed to the research of next generation’s neutrino telescope technology. In this context, Neutrino Telescope Pre-research Lab of Tsung-Dao Lee Institute was established. We sincerely invite you to join us.

We hope that you: have the passion to look up to the stars; have or will get a doctor degree in particle, astrophysics or nuclear electronics (or other related disciplines); have experience in the design of electronic systems and hardware of photodetectors (PMT, SiPM, etc.); have experience in detector simulation; have team spirit and good communication skills.

Tsung-Dao Lee Institute provides salaries that can compete with same scientific research positions in Europe and the United States. Talented research fellow can apply for post-doctor of Pro. Zhao Zhongyao or the position of Tsung-Dao Lee postdoctoral scholar in CSC Center for Excellency. If admitted, the candidate will enjoy competitive salary as well as discretionary start-up research funds.

The Neutrino Astronomy Team now comprises two post-doctors and four doctors. Associate Professor Xu Donglian is the head of the team. As a member of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory and JUNO Collaboration, she is committed to the exploration of neutrinos in celestial bodies and the search for the temporary source of neutrinos in celestial bodies. She has participated in the discovery of the first batch of high-energy neutrinos as well as the first high-energy neutrino source.

If you are interested, please send your CV, research plan and three letters of recommendation to Xu Donglian at You are also welcome to consult via wechat (wechat account: xudonglian).



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