Postdoctoral Position in Chemistry

Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Introduction to the supervisors:

Jiang Xuesong: researcher, doctoral supervisor, and project leader, whose research direction is photosensitive polymer materials and its patterned surface.

Qiu Huibin: professor, project leader, and doctoral supervisor from School of Chemistry and Chemical engineering, SJTU. His main research directions include: multi-level precise construction of functional materials, creation of new organic functional molecules, energy and catalytic materials, biomedical materials, etc.


1. Have obtained Ph.D. in chemistry, materials science or other related disciplines, or soon will complete the doctoral dissertation defense;

2. Good academic performance, physical and mental health, aged under 32;

3. Have published high-level research papers in mainstream journals, have a good grasp of the basic knowledge and cutting-edge directions of the field.

4. Related research experience in soft matter functional materials, polymer functional materials, 3D printing, supramolecular chemistry, polymer synthesis and assembling would be a plus.


1. Enjoy related benefits for post doctors of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Annual salary is no less than 242,000 RMB yuan. In addition to the basic salary, additional rewards will be given according to research contributions, thesis publishing, funded projects, etc.

2. Be supported to apply for “Post-Doctor Innovative Talent Supporting Program”, Shanghai “Super Post-Doctor Program”. Several post-doctors in the research team have received funding from these programs, with annual salary exceeding 350,000 RMB yuan.

3. Those who have been engaged in more than 3 year’s full-time postdoctoral research and have achieved excellent scientific research results can apply for the university’s long-term teaching track once they meet the relevant requirements.

4. Applicants can obtain Shanghai Hukou according to the Regulations on Post-Doctoral Management of Shanghai.

Application materials:

1. Resume (including education background, work resume, list of published papers and projects, etc.).

2. Representative works or papers and other relevant supporting materials.


Prof. Jiang Xuesong.

Prof. Qiu Huibin.

Division of Human Resources, SJTU

Publication Date: 2020/7/1


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