Postdoctoral Researcher in Behavioral Insights for Low Carbon Emissions

Lund University



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The International Environmental Institute (IIIEE) at Lund University was established in 1994 and has since then developed genuine interdisciplinary education and research focusing on strategies for sustainable development. IIIEE strives to establish research results and their application, create opportunities for sustainable development in connection with companies, finances and the environment. IIIEE believes that a change in the direction of sustainability requires strategically focused urban development and management structures, policy instruments, business models, visions and scenarios. For more information, see:


Special Subject Description

The service is within behavioral economics that is applied to low-carbon and resource-efficient economies. The postdoctoral fellow will contribute to the development of knowledge, experiments and policy analysis that affect consumers' decision-making processes and the effects of contextual factors for the sharing economy, energy use and climate control measures.



The duties of a postdoctoral fellow include mainly research. Teaching can be included in the tasks, however, no more than one fifth of the working hours. Within the framework of the employment, it shall be given the opportunity for three weeks of higher education education.

The most important tasks are:

  • Conduct research and publication within the subject area
  • Develop preliminary analysis plans and conduct experiments
  • Teach the first, second and third study cycles
  • H and manage research projects and master projects
  • Spread research results and actively seek external research funding
  • Collaborate with industry and the wider community
  • Perform administrative tasks related to the tasks above



A person entitled to be employed as a postdoctoral fellow is the person who has obtained a doctoral degree, or a foreign degree which is deemed to correspond to a doctoral degree, within the subject area of the employment and which has been submitted no more than three years before the end of the application period. If there are special reasons, a doctorate may have been submitted earlier.

Other requirements:

  • Very good knowledge of English, in speech and writing
  • Relevant knowledge and research background in economics, behavioral economics, psychology, cognitive science and / or social science that analyzes the consumer's decision-making processes and decision making
  • Documented knowledge and experience of experiments (lab, field, choice and / or natural)
  • Demonstrated knowledge in econometrics and statistical analysis, including specialized software (eg SPSS, SAS, Stata)


Assessment Bases 

This is a qualification position primarily focused on research. The position is intended as an initial step in the career and the assessment of the applicants will primarily be based on their scientific merit and potential as a researcher.

Particular importance will be attached to scientific ability in the subject area.

When hiring a postdoctoral fellow, the following shall form the basis for assessment:

  • Good ability to develop and implement good quality research
  • Educational ability

Other qualifications:

  • Know about behavioral insights and public policies applied to low-carbon and resource-efficient economies
  • The capacity to publish in highly rated scientific journals
  • Swedish language skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as part of an interdisciplinary, inclusive and international research group
  • Experience of online data collection platforms
  • Proven pedagogical and educational skills, including supervision of master students
  • Ability to engage with industry and society as a whole
  • Excellent analytical ability and ability to understand and assimilate different research perspectives
  • Experience of organizing conferences and workshops
  • Expertise in policy analysis

Consideration will also be given to good co-operation ability, drive and independence, and how the applicant, through his / her experience and competence, is considered to supplement and strengthen ongoing research within the institution and contribute to its future development.


The employment is limited to a maximum of 2 years and refers to full-time employment. The employment is limited in time according to the agreement, "Contract for fixed-term employment as a postdoctoral fellow", between the social partners dated 4/9/2008 (Employers' employer, OFR's, Saco-S and SEKO).


Instructions for Application

The application must be written in English. Report your qualifications according to the LTH academic credit portfolio, see the link below. Upload as PDF files in the recruitment system. Read more here:

In your application, please refer to


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