Professor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Combined with the Position of Specialist Physician

Uppsala University



Uppsala University is a broad research university with a strong international standing. The task is to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to cooperate with society in various ways. Our most important asset is all the individuals who, with their curiosity and commitment, make Uppsala University one of the country's most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has 44,000 students, 7,100 employees and a turnover of SEK 7 billion.

The Department of Surgical Sciences (IKV) belongs to the scientific field of medicine and pharmacy and has about 120 employees and around 200 registered doctoral students, most of whom are clinically active doctors and nurses. Turnover is SEK 152 million. The department conducts research and teaching at the undergraduate, advanced and doctoral levels. Teaching takes place, among other things. within the medical, nurse and specialist nurse programs. The research is conducted in research groups organized on the basis of various surgical specialties and related topics such as anesthesia and intensive care and radiology. Much research is conducted in collaboration between various research groups within IKV and at other institutions at Uppsala University and with other universities both in Sweden and internationally.

Description of the Subject Area:

Anesthesia and intensive care are a broad subject area where collaboration is carried out with most other specialties to diagnose and treat diseases, both in medicine and in surgery. Teaching of anesthesia and intensive care is done both for medical, nursing and specialist nursing students as well as for ST doctors. The education in the subject area has a broad foundation at both the university and the clinic and has been much appreciated by our students. Clinical and experimental research in anesthesia and intensive care is carried out in a broad area with a well-functioning infrastructure where we have several staff of research nurses. Our research is at the forefront at both national and international levels.

We are now seeking a professor of anesthesia and intensive care combined with employment as a specialist physician at the Academic Hospital.


The position includes overall responsibility for research and postgraduate education in anesthesia and intensive care, as well as supervision and teaching at the basic, advanced and doctoral levels. As a professor, you are expected to contribute to a positive development of research and education in the subject in collaboration with the faculty's researchers and teachers. The duties include following developments in the subject area and the development of society in general, which is of great importance for the work at the university. Administrative duties as well as internal and external trust assignments may occur. One third of the employment consists of clinical services in anesthesia and intensive care at the Academic Hospital.


Eligible to be hired as a professor is the one who has shown both scientific and educational skill. (HF4 Chapter 3 §) According to the Employment Regulations for Uppsala University, as a general requirement for admission, teachers must have the personal characteristics required to fulfill the job well. (AO § 5)

The scientific skill must have been demonstrated through independent research efforts and by the applicant's business of high international and national quality. The applicant must have demonstrated proficiency in planning, initiating, leading and developing research, have demonstrated the ability to obtain research grants in competition and have well documented skills in supervision at the research level. The applicant's contribution to the international and national science community will be assessed, inter alia, on the basis of the quality and scope of scientific publishing in the most relevant publishing channels within the subject. Requirements for international qualifications must be assessed with regard to the nature of the subject and specific conditions.

The pedagogical skill must have been demonstrated through qualifications in education and teaching (see AO§ 23). In addition, the applicant must demonstrate well-documented proficiency in supervision at the undergraduate, advanced and doctoral levels. A prerequisite for pedagogical skills to be considered is the review, relevant to the activity, higher education pedagogical education, comprehensive at least ten weeks, or equivalent knowledge. If there are special reasons, the higher education pedagogical education can be carried out during the first two years of employment. The educational training should include researcher training. The applicant must have documented ability to teach in Swedish and English.

Eligibility for this position requires specialist expertise in anesthesia and intensive care. If the person offered the job also meets the Academic Hospital's requirements for employment as a doctor, the applicant will be offered employment associated with a position as a doctor. If the applicant lacks Swedish evidence of specialist competence, the applicant must have submitted the application to the National Board of Health and Welfare no later than the last application date for the application in question.

Assessment Criteria:

When assessing several qualified applicants, emphasis will be placed primarily on scientific skill and then on pedagogical skill. However, a weighting of the assessment bases will take place so that an applicant who is judged to be educationally much more skilled than a scientifically somewhat more skilled applicant can be ranked before the latter. Clinical proficiency is also important for employment and will be weighted.

When assessing scientific skill, scientific quality must be taken into account primarily. The importance of the research, especially in terms of depth and breadth, should also be measured. Special consideration will also be given to experience in experimental research in anesthesia and intensive care. Furthermore, the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop research and education at the research level, the ability to obtain funding for research, as well as the demonstrated ability for interaction both scientifically and with the surrounding society, is of importance. See also § 3 of the Guidelines and assessment criteria for the recruitment and promotion of teachers in the scientific field of medicine and pharmacy (RB) and AO § 21.

When assessing pedagogical skills, pedagogical quality must be taken into account primarily. Scope, both breadth and depth, will also be given importance. Furthermore, the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop education and teaching, as well as the ability to research the teaching based on research in the current subject, subject didactics and higher education pedagogy will be important. The ability to interact on higher education pedagogical issues with actors within and outside the university is also included in the pedagogical skill. See also RB § 4.

Clinical proficiency is demonstrated through clinical work and clinical education as well as participation in clinical development work. Clinical development work involves, among other things, efforts that have improved or improved health care.

When the university hires new teachers, the applicant will be chosen who, after a qualitative overall assessment of competence and skills, is deemed to have the best conditions to carry out and develop current tasks and contribute to a positive development of the business.

Assessment Basics, Other Skills:

Management skills and administrative skills are important to the employment and will be given importance. The ability to collaborate with the surrounding community as well as inform about research and development work will be taken into account.

Leadership skills are shown through the ability to lead operations and staff, make decisions, take responsibility and motivate and provide others with the conditions necessary to effectively achieve common goals. The ability to coordinate the group as well as help to create commitment, participation and job satisfaction as well as the ability to handle conflicts are further examples of demonstrated skill. See also RB § 5.

According to the employment scheme, administrative skills are shown, among other things, by the ability to plan, organize and prioritize work in an efficient and tailor-made manner, and by the ability to set and keep time frames. The skill includes overall business planning and the ability to manage resources in a way that reflects the business's priorities as well as the ability to work structured and based on an awareness of goals and quality. See also RB § 5

According to RB § 6: When assessing collaboration skills, experience and skill in popular science work, editorial work and other activities related to knowledge exchange between universities and the outside world, as well as experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, must be measured.

The gender equality aspect will be applied if two applicants of different genders have equivalent or almost equivalent qualifications after a qualitative overall assessment.

Applicants' parental leave, part-time work due to the care of children or the like will be taken into account as a qualifying work experience.

Guidelines and assessment criteria for the recruitment and promotion of teachers in the scientific field of medicine and pharmacy

For instructions on applying for teacher positions, see: Credit portfolios - Instructions for compiling rules and guidelines for credit evaluation when recruiting teachers

Employment arrangement at Uppsala University

Uppsala University values the qualities that equal gender distribution and diversity add to the business. We therefore like to see applicants of all genders and with different birth backgrounds, functionality and life experience.

Salary : Individual salary setting is applied.

Admission: By arrangement.

Type of Employment: Permanent employment, trial employment can be applied.

Scope of Employment: 100%  

Information about the employment is provided by Eva Tiensuu Janson, dean (, 070-1679318), or Per Hellman, prefect (, 018-6114617). 

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