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Uppsala University is a broad research university with a strong international standing. The task is to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to cooperate with society in various ways. Our most important asset is all the individuals who, with their curiosity and commitment, make Uppsala University one of the country's most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has 44,000 students, 7,100 employees and a turnover of SEK 7 billion.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy has 400 employees and nine departments with operations in many branches of physics ( ).

The department is located at Ångström Laboratory and works with research, teaching at all levels and collaboration with industry and the surrounding community. 

Description of the Subject Area: Physics Education Research (PER) didactics studies teachers 'practice and students' learning in university education in physics. The main goal is to gain new theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. This includes a deep understanding of physics, both as a research and educational subject, as well as deep insights into educational science, including theoretical, philosophical and methodological foundations. PER in Uppsala has reached an internationally leading position through its contribution to theoretical and methodological development, primarily in three areas: Representations' function of social semiotics, qualitative study of learning challenges, and how teaching and learning can be understood through thinking based on complexity theory. 

Duties: Research and postgraduate education in the subject area of physics didactics (PER), supervision and teaching at doctoral level as well as teaching at basic and advanced level. Own research. Information on research and development work and participation in the planning of research projects. It also includes following developments in the subject area and the development of society in general, which is important for the work at the university. In addition, cooperation and support is expected in collaboration with other fields within the university, including training of physics teachers and development of education at the department. The position also includes management assignments and administrative assignments at the Department of Physics. 

Requirements for Eligibility: According to the Higher Education Ordinance, eligibility to be hired as a professor is the one that has shown both scientific and pedagogical skills. It is required that the pedagogical skill, the scientific competence and the professional skill are relevant to the subject content of the employment and the tasks to be included in the employment. 

According to Uppsala University's employment arrangement, the eligibility requirement is that the person who is to be hired as a professor must have demonstrated scientific competence through independent research efforts and that the applicant's activities maintain high international and national quality. The applicant must have demonstrated proficiency in planning, initiating, leading and developing research, have demonstrated the ability to obtain research grants in competition and have well documented skills in supervision at the research level. The applicant's contribution to the international and national scientific community shall be assessed, inter alia, on the basis of the quality and scope of scientific publication in the most relevant publication channels in the subject. The requirement for international qualifications must be assessed with regard to the nature of the subject and specific conditions. 

Anyone who is to be employed as a professor must have undergone relevant educational training, covering ten weeks, or acquired equivalent knowledge for activities within the university. If there are special reasons, the higher education pedagogical education can be carried out during the first two years of employment. Furthermore, according to the employment scheme, the general qualification requirement for teachers is to have the personal characteristics required to perform the job well. 

The applicant must have documented ability to teach in Swedish and / or English unless special reasons exist. The holder is expected to be able to teach in Swedish within two years. 

Assessment Criteria

Scientific and Pedagogical Skills: When selecting among qualified applicants, equal importance will be attached to scientific and pedagogical skills. An assessment of the bases will be made. 

When assessing the scientific skill, special emphasis will be placed on research qualifications in the didactics of physics, with a broad theoretical base and varying methodological approaches. 

Scientific competence refers to research merit, including research merit from working life, which includes, for example, technology development and innovation. When assessing scientific skill, scientific quality will be taken into account in the first place. The importance of the research, especially depth and breadth, will also be measured. The ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop research and education at the research level, the ability to obtain funding for research, as well as the demonstrated ability to interact both in the scientific and the surrounding community will also be important. 

As much care will be devoted to the test of the educational skill as the scientific skill. Educational skills relate to educational and teaching merit. The educational skill may have been achieved in the professional life through supervision, in-house training, mentoring programs etc. 

When assessing pedagogical skills, pedagogical quality will primarily be taken into account. Scope, both breadth and depth, will also be given importance. Furthermore, the ability to plan, initiate, lead and develop education and teaching, as well as the ability to research the teaching based on research in the subject, subject didactics and higher education pedagogy will be important. The ability to interact on higher education pedagogical issues with actors within and outside the university is also included in the pedagogical skill. When assessing pedagogical competence, special emphasis will be placed on teaching within PER, and experience in the practical application of pedagogical front-line research in physics education will also be given importance in the evaluation. 

Administrative Skills: Administrative skills are important for the job and will be given importance. By administrative skill is also meant entrepreneurship. Administrative skills are shown, among other things, by the ability to plan, organize and prioritize work in an efficient and tailor-made manner and by the ability to set and keep time frames. The skill includes overall business planning as well as the ability to manage resources in a way that reflects the business's priorities as well as the ability to work structured and based on an awareness of goals and quality. 

Leadership Skills : Leadership skills are important for the position and will be given weight. Leadership skills are shown through the ability to lead operations and staff, make decisions, take responsibility and motivate and provide others with the conditions necessary to effectively achieve common goals. The ability to coordinate the group as well as help to create commitment, participation and job satisfaction as well as the ability to handle conflicts are further examples of demonstrated skill. 

Collaboration Skills : Collaboration skills are important for the job and will be given weight. For example, collaboration skills are shown through the practical application of pedagogical front-line research in physics education. 

All qualifications must be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.

Uppsala University values the qualities that equal gender distribution and diversity add to the business. We therefore like to see applicants of all genders and with different birth backgrounds, functionality and life experience.

Salary : Individual salary setting is applied.

Admission: As soon as possible or by arrangement.

Type of Employment: Permanent employment.

Scope of Employment: 100%

Information about the position is provided by Head of Professor Olof Karis, e-mail: , or Section Dean of Professor Jan-Erik Rubensson, e-mail: . 

For further information, see the University's employment scheme:

Order of Employment Uppsala University and the faculty guidelines for employment:

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