Research Fellow in Statistical Genomics

University of Tartu Institute of Genomics


Institute of Genomics


Duties and responsibilities
Research, development and creative activities, at least 70% of working time
  1. Participation in RDC activities under the supervision of a professor or associate professor and independently.
  2. Internationally recognised research in five years at least in the volume equivalent to that of 1.5 doctoral thesis.
  3. Development of skills necessary for RDC activities, and professional development.

Teaching and activities related to the administration and development of teaching, up to 20% of working time

  1. Teaching, using modern teaching methods and educational technology, primarily supervising students of the first and second level of higher education.
  2. Professional development to enhance teaching and supervising skills.

Participation in the governance and institutional development of the university and social and public activities, up to 10% of working time

  1. Participation in the work of the university’s decision-making bodies is recommended.
  2. Popularisation of the specialisation.
Required qualifications
PhD or an equivalent qualification.
Required experience
Research, development and creative activities
  1. Ability to participate in organising RDC activities in the specialisation.
  2. Internationally recognised professional research, the volume of which so far is equivalent to that of at least one doctoral thesis.
  3. Long-term experience with genome-wide association analyses and list of relevant publications.
  4. Previous experience with performing statistical analysis on health data (e.g. electronic health records) and estimating disease risks.
  5. Previous experience with analysing genetics of quantitative traits (e.g. eQTL-ID, sQTL-ID).
  6. Command of at least one programming language (R, Python, etc.).
Required language skills
Very good command of Estonian and English.

Starting at
Remuneration according to the UT Salary Rules, starting from 2500 euros (gross) per month.
Additional info
Prof Lili Milani, lili.milani [ät], +372 737 4039.

Application documents

In order to be considered for the position, the candidate must submit to the UT Human Resources Office (email: personal [ät]; postal address: 18 Ülikooli St, Tartu 50090 ESTONIA; employees of the UT should submit their documents via intranet) following documents:

  1. a letter of application to the Rector - in the application, the candidate has to outline if they are willing to work part-time or full-time, which courses they are qualified to teach and what kind of teaching experience they have in the field;
  2. a curriculum vitae in the established format,
  3. a list of research publications (if necessary, enclosing copies or offprints of more important publications),
  4. a copy of a document (including its annexes) which shows the candidate to hold the required qualification (with authorized translation into Estonian, English or Russian if the credential is not in Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, French, Italian, Ukrainian and Belarussian languages). A candidate can be required to submit the original or a certified copy of the document (including its annexes) showing the candidate to hold the required qualification. If the candidate has acquired the higher education in question abroad, he or she may be required to submit an assessment issued by the Academic Recognition Information Centre (the Estonian ENIC/NARIC) of his or her qualification in respect of the qualification requirements for the position;
  5. other materials considered relevant by the candidate (a list of such materials must be included in the application or annexed to it).

Number of copies: 1


In your application, please refer to


amsterdam uni

antwerp uni

cambridge uni

florida uni

hamburg uni

harvard uni

hiroshima uni

oslo uni

purdue uni

ryerson uni

shanghai jiao tong uni

stockholm uni