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Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke, is a research organisation
working to promote bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources. We provide
solutions and services to our customers based on best available scientific knowledge. Our
research results and services generate added value and sustainability as well as scientific
evidence to support decision making. We carry out research on forestry, agriculture, food,
game, and fisheries. We also perform statutory services.

Being open-minded and curious and having a strong will to leave a positive mark to the world
binds Luke people together. Together we build a positive working culture where each other's
work is highly respected. In Luke, the work assignments are versatile and employees can
influence the content of their work. We work in a mobile work culture which gives you the
possibility to work from wherever it suits you the best. Luke offers a multidisciplinary
international research environment with unique research infrastructures, experimental sites
and well-equipped laboratories.

Luke employs around 45 top research professors in their field. Luke's Professor Policy ensures
transparency, predictability and international comparability in professor recruitments. For
new employees coming from abroad Luke offers relocation packages which means a
remarkable help in immigration and settling in Finland. An important asset for research at
Luke is the multidisciplinary, innovative and ambitious researcher community and the
availability of a wide range of technical staff. Our Intercultural Community offers possibilities
to share experiences and competence, and supports the development of internationality in


The research professor is expected to carry out high-quality research in one or several of the
following water protection and sustainable agriculture-related fields:

• Development of the research area and new methods, tools and practises aiming at
achieving control over agricultural loadings, while maintaining plant production in the face
of changing climate.
• Studying the mechanisms and processes causing erosion, studying loadings of nutrients,
fertilizers and plant protectants from agricultural fields.
• Studying the effect of soil chemical and physical properties, hydrology, soil management,
soil amendments and cropping systems on agricultural loadings to surface and ground
• Developing water protection measures essential for controlling loadings to watercourses.
• Developing drainage and irrigation measures in the perspective of productivity and water
• Developing agri-environmental schemes and national and EU legislation to combat water
erosion and nutrient leaching.
• Establishing synergies between agricultural water management researchers and other
related research groups to secure the interdisciplinary approaches needed.

The person nominated in the position is expected to actively develop the strategic orientation
of ambitious research projects, lead the development of large-scale international project
entities and the procurement of long-term broad-based international funding, including EU

A personnel security clearance may be obtained for a person chosen for an office or a post
with his or her consent (Security Clearance Act 726/2014). For more information on the
security clearance procedure and the rights of the person subject to clearance, visit


The research professor (tenure track: associate or full professor) should have a doctoral
degree in hydrology, applied ecology, soil or agricultural science, or similar field with expertise
on water related issues. High-quality scientific publication record is essential, as well as an
expertise to boreal agriculture production systems. Previous research experience on boreal
agriculture is highly appreciated. Strong methodological skills on soil physics and water
chemistry are important, while mastering applications related with dynamic modeling, stable
isotopes, (bio)-markers, soil tomography or other are seen as an advantage.

We expect the applicant to have expertise in applying organic and/or inorganic chemistry to
advance knowledge on soil processes associated with element mobility and to have
knowledge on soil physics and agricultural hydrology to study their role in erosion and
nutrient loading in agricultural landscapes. The applicant could have research experience on
soil fertility, chemical controls on the mobility of nutrients and chemicals, and their
interactions with biological processes. Basic knowledge on the potential and challenges of
recycling of materials as nutrient sources or soil amendments is required, as well as
understanding the role of soil carbon in soil functioning. We appreciate capability of actively
using modelling to estimate and predict soil erosion and nutrient leaching.

The position requires excellent problem-solving, communication and international academic
leadership skills, capacity to apply for broad-based external funding, including international
sources, capacity to carry out empirical research and capacity to co-operate with clients
including ministry staff, industry, other agencies, NGOs and farmers. The candidate should be
active in science communications and science dissemination and take part in social debate on
boreal agricultural water management issues in Finland and EU level, and integrate research
field to emerging bioeconomy activities. Candidates must demonstrate a capacity to
undertake high quality research, to build research networks, and to publish in highly cited
peer-reviewed international research journals.


Form of employment: Temporary employment (tenure track)
Commencement: 01/06/2022, or according to a contract
Time-limited to: 31/05/2027
Trial period: 6 months

An applicant who has previously been elected as a professor at a university for the time being
may be appointed as a research professor to a permanent position in Luke.


Last application date: 3 January 2022 at 4.00 pm (EET).
Please note, we are unable to consider late applications.
Reference number: 30-557-2021

Submit your digital application at

You may apply for this position also by sending your application to Luonnonvarakeskuksen
kirjaamo, Latokartanonkaari 9, 00790 Helsinki, FINLAND. Please note, the job reference
number must be cited both in the actual application and on the envelope. Applications will
not be returned.

Please, attach to the application appendices written in English and name the files as follows:

• Appendix 1: Application letter
• Appendix 2: Complete curriculum vitae (full name, date and place of birth, nationality,
current residence; education and degrees awarded; linguistic skills; current and
previous positions; major research funding obtained; research leadership; list of
supervised PhDs and post-doctoral researchers; other academic merits; number of
peer-reviewed articles; H-index, total citations and average citation per item including
the used database, such as Web of Science or Google Scholar) (maximum 10 pages)
• Appendix 3: Complete list of publications (with citations and impact factors) and
copies of ten selected publications most relevant for the professorship
• Appendix 4: Summary of research activities carried out so far, including aspects of
customer interphase work; societal impact of research; dissemination of research
results (maximum 2 pages)
• Appendix 5: Research plan, including ambitions as a research professor; research
questions, aims, objectives and theoretical background; scientific significance and
expected scientific impact; expected societal impact and dissemination; collaborators
and customer interface; references (maximum 5 pages)
• Appendix 6: Names and contact information of three referees


The position-specific salary component is EUR 5 140.65 - 5 805.06 per month. In addition, a
salary component based on personal performance will be paid (max. 50% of the positionspecific salary).
The applicant may also present a separate salary request.


Antti Asikainen
Executive Vice President,
+358 29 532 3250


Natural Resources Institute Finland
Latokartanonkaari 9
00790 Helsinki, Finland
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Tietotie 4
31600 Jokioinen, Finland

In Luke, we have implemented the mobile work model. This means that you can work in
Finland in the most appropriate location from the perspective of your work, for example in
other Luke locations or at home.


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